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Why us?

This is the most effective way to hire the best talent.


Customise your search for candidates with only the skills you need and get results in minutes.


We have three available price plans to suit small medium and large companies. You can select a plan to suit your hiring needs.


Our evaluation tests allow you to select only those people who meet your criteria so that you can quickly identify the best candidates.


We have a dedicated support team in place to help you get the best out of your subscription.


Choose a competitively priced package to suit your company’s hiring needs


Small package


per month

20 connections

5 job advertisements

Ideal for small start-ups looking to fill one or two positions

Connect with up to 20 talented developers per month

Place up to 5 different job advertisements

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Medium package


per month

100 connections

20 job advertisements

A good package if you are a small and medium-sized company looking to hire some staff for key positions

Connect with up to 100 talented developers per month

Place up to 20 different job advertisements

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Large package


per month

300 connections

60 job advertisements

Perfect for medium and large businesses with multiple positions to fill

Connect with up to 300 talented developers per month

Place up to 60 different job advertisements

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Still have some questions, check out our FAQs

What type of developers use Recruitly?

Recruitly attracts post-secondary developers who can be self-taught or enroll in an educational institution. By completing the skills tests, developers from all walks of life have an equal opportunity to show their skills to employers.

At what technical level are the skills tests set?

Skills tests are set at various levels, from basic to advanced.

Who developed the skills tests? Are the technical indicators of these developer skills tests reliable?

The skills tests are developed by experienced professionals who are currently working in the software industry.

How are candidates tested?

Candidates are tested in a timed environment and are evaluated using a mixture of code challenges, multiple choice questions and a small project where they are tasked to build something interesting.

What price level is best for my company?

Packages are available to suit your company size and hiring needs. Please see our pricing section for more information, or contact us for further assistance.

How long would the company take to make a hiring using Recruitly?

While this varies considerably, most job openings can be filled within 1 month of advertising a position.

Can I advertise for part-time or contract positions as well as full time?

Yes. You may advertise any tech-related job opportunity on the advertising board, whether for full-time, part-time or contract positions.

In what geographical location can I use Recruitly?

Presently, Recruitly is only available to users in Canada.

How long does a job advertisement stay active for on the site?

All job advertisements are active for one calendar month from the date of posting or unless the employer removes the advert. If membership is cancelled before a job advertisement expires, you will still be able to receive responses from that advert through your profile for one calendar month.

What roles can Recruitly help my company fill?

Recruitly presently can assess developer skills for web development related positions. We do, however, have plans to fill other types of development positions in the near future.

Can you help me complete my company profile?

Our step-by-step guide will help you complete each section of your company profile after you sign-up. For further assistance, email our contact center staff for any queries regarding your company profile.

How do I reach out to Recruitly?

If you still have questions, you can reach out to us at and we will be more than happy to assist you.